@openandroidinstaller how would we go about getting another ROM added? @calyxos should definitely be there, and devs from @calyxinstitute can help.

@eighthave @calyxos @calyxinstitute A good idea in principle. But calyxOS has a nice and relatively easy installer already, so not a strong need for a different installer I would say. More importantly, calyx cannot be flashed through TWRP (as far as I know), which is a requirement for our installer. Also, the OpenAndroidInstaller is basically "bring your own ROM" and every ROM that can be flashed through TWRP should be directly supported. I usually test with LineageOS, but also with PE or /e/OS.


@openandroidinstaller @calyxos @calyxinstitute Ok that makes sense. I like the idea of a "one stop shop" for installing ROMs, but I guess that will be left for future work. It makes sense for you to focus on the TWRP case first and get that working well. Then perhaps, if all goes well, then bundle in other install methods so that non-technical users can just `apt-get install openandroidinstaller` then install the OS of their choosing. Of course, as a DD, I'd also like to see things in

@eighthave @calyxos @calyxinstitute That might be a good option :)
Currently, you can download the executable and it should just work. I'm also working on a flatpak release, which should make things easier on some linux distributions, but everything based on recent debian (or ubuntu) should be fine. Have you plans to test the installer? I would be happy about feedback :)

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