I don't think is a force for good, and I'm not particularly a fan of . But I do think it is a good thing to move to a subscription business model, where the the customer is the user, and away from the business model Twitter currently has.


Closed source code will always have possibility for surveillance regardless of business model.

@PublicLewdness very true, but that's a separate question from subscriptions vs. surveillance capitalism.

@eighthave, what if I tell you the subscription business model and surveillance capitalism are not mutually exclusive?

@cnx Sure, there are no magic bullets. The key is that tracking users to sell their attention will never turn out well. Subscription business models aren't in themselves harmful to the user, from what I've seen. Companies find all sorts of novel ways to do harm, regardless of their business model. Moving away from does make it a choice the company makes rather than inherent to the company.

I’m out of the loop, @eighthave, what makes you think Twitter is backing out from profiling its users?

@cnx I have no specific info there, but switching business models would open up that possibility. I see it more that the business types are starting to think that there is an expiration date for surveillance capitalism business models because people are catching on to how bad they are.

I like your optimism, @eighthave, but I’ve yet to see sign of the general public changing their mind on spyware, be it a webpage, an application, an OS or an IoT device. Until there are more evidence, I would think of the subscription model as an additional source of revenue like YouTube Premium.

@cnx YouTube Premium is another example of the cracks forming in surveillance capitalism. Google is the biggest "innovator" when it comes to developing surveillance capitalism as a model, and has probably done the most to make it look "respectable". They were generally true believers in that model, but now, even they are exploring ways out.

@eighthave "Is Twitter Blue ad-free? Like the existing Twitter Blue subscription, our $7.99/month subscription doesn't currently offer an ad-free experience, although we are working on a feature that will reduce the number of ads you see."

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