created an ecosystem where the software available there is reviewed and trusted, so the system can prioritize flexibility over security. In Play, there are many apps we feel forced to use, despite knowing they are unethical or are tracking us. Google responds by locking down to reduce data leaks, which also reduces the system's flexibility. puts the user in control so we can build user-friendly systems without being forced into bad decisions.

@eighthave "your user agent has too much agency, and might do bad things, so we are removing your agencies" - Chrome, Manifest V3

@eighthave It really bugs me when people (cough Moxie Marlinspike cough) rag on the desktop security model as being horrible when compared to the paradigms on Android and iOS. Like, sure, all the programs on my laptop have unfettered access to its sensors and my home directory, but they’re all programs I trust.

We don’t need signed binaries, vendor lock-in, and labyrinthine systems of permission, we need an ecosystem of trustworthy software.

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