Anyone know what ULR is?

"Suppose a user has disabled permissions to, say, Google Maps for Mobile (GMM). With client-side location, GMM will not get location, as the user intended However, they can still get a place card (e.g. Riddler) via ULR-->████-->GMM server--> GMM client. (URL has GmsCore's location permissions, not GMM's). This seems like a bypass to Android's permissions model."

@eighthave well…just a typo for "URL"? Given it's mention again as "URL"…

Is not it?

@eighthave OK, guess it's not Unified Location Resolver. Note page 4: "when the user has opted into ULR, but opted out of the app level…" => this sounds like the global permission you give during onboarding (have Google provide you location services at the price of providing them your data). Hence "getting location from the server through ULR". User/Unified Location Recording seems more like it then. Reading on with that interpretion in mind makes perfect sense of the context.

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