I always had this picture of a beautiful natural setting when I thought of farming. That's how it is so often portrayed. The reality in the is that produce comes from food factories that have the same impact on the ecosystem as any other massive factory. The whole area is paved and roofed, the soil, insect, and bird life is wiped out, and the crops are grown in highly controlled, factory conditions. Watch the industry video to see the whole picture vimeo.com/183478317

@eighthave Who says that this is organic food ? I don't see any trace of this ? A permaculture label could be added, but it would quickly by settled by nazi industrial groups

@popolon if you read German, this article talks about the Bad Blumau project, which is both organic and with pesticides. kurier.at/genuss/erste-paradei

Of course, food factories are not only for organic food. There are plenty of food factories that grow produce with lots of pesticides. My point was that what regulators consider "organic" ("bio" in German) is often far from most people's conception of what organic means. Organic labeling is important, but it is not enough.

@eighthave It's called bio in French too. European Union just broken UE bio label by allowing a low % part of pesticides on them. Pesticides are always at low % part.

Thanks I will try to read what I can, and use translator for what I can't. In all ways this is a good language exercise.
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