this idea matches my experience much better than "disorder":

"...biological anthropologists call on the scientific community to rethink mental illness. With a thorough review of the evidence, they show good reasons to think of depression or PTSD as responses to adversity rather than chemical imbalances. And ADHD could be a way of functioning that evolved in an ancestral environment, but doesn’t match the way we live today."

@eighthave Unchecked bullying often leads to PTSD-like symptoms.

But PTSD can manifest, among others, as ADHD-like symptoms.

While they show awareness of this risk wrt misdiagnosis, I think it's also important to note the systemic issue with bullying being more difficult and expensive to resolve than treating victims as if they have a disorder.

If the bullying happens within the family, this misdiagnosis can lead to a credibility crisis that may worsen the victim's position.

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