Must good street art be illegal? I'm used to NYC street art culture, where its almost always against the law, including the and related events we did. In Vienna, there are large areas where painting everything in public is fully allowed. There's a festival now where murals are being painted on blank walls around the city. I appreciate the murals from previous years, but have this funny feeling that its somehow less when its allowed. Crazy or valid?

@eighthave good question. Many cities have so-called legal walls to deter illegal graffiti. But some artists prefer illegal surfaces. And sometimes it's part of making an artistic statement.

@tomosaigon if the artistic statement is just simple rebellion against the rules because they are there, that seems pretty weak. I do appreciate making art in anonymous and blank spaces common in modern cities. But if you're allowed to do it, that basic artistic inspiration should still stand.

@eighthave I would agree and I think it's not just about breaking rules. Maybe it's that they don't respect certain rules, like not putting paint on a public wall/surface outdoors. Another factor, there's limited legal wall space.

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