Looks like Flathub has just punished me for removing an unnecessary permission from the app I published by putting the update into moderation queue 😅 The queue itself is a welcome new addition to the infra, but perhaps it still needs some adjustments regarding the incentives it offers to the developers 😜 @flathub

@dos any permission changes are reviewed because we’ve seen cases where removing certain permissions break the app in ways the developer might not realize. So it’s not just a privacy/security moderation concern—we have users' best interest in mind!

Reviews are pretty quick, though, so I wouldn't sweat it. Suggestions for improvements to the copy/communication are welcome, though.

@flathub Ah, the communication was pretty much non-existent and left me confused for hours. I've noticed that the CI publish job has failed and didn't really know why until I dug into logs of earlier jobs (that were marked as successful), searched the error message from there on the Web and then stumbled upon which made me look at the website.

Apparently there should have been an e-mail - I haven't got any though. The takeaway: "don't touch permissions when not needed" 😂

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