When you research Bluetooth keyboards and think, no need to think too much about low cost devices: don't! I found out that #Librem5 only supports BT4 and nor the BT5 of the keyboard the hard way... @mobilelinux

@pankraz Both cards shipped with the Librem 5 support Bluetooth 5, the problem must be somewhere else.

@dos Weird. I had to downgrade the Redpine driver to 1.2.2 according to this post 70 in this thread forums.puri.sm/t/bluetooth-sup…

However, dmesg says "redline_91: rsi_sdio_ack_intr: unable to send ack"
"hci0: Bad flag given (0x1) vs supported (0x0)"
It won't connect after I input the PIN in the keyboard.
@dos It finally connected but it was not stable...
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