After finally attempting to rescue my long broken devkit, I ended up with it booting into this Feb 2020 image. It already somewhat resembles the current thing, but gosh, we sure have made a lot of progress since then! 😁

Excuse the white balance being all over the place, this was *not* shotonlibrem5 ;)

@dos I got my #Librem5 last year, somewhere in the spring I think, and after trying it out, I just could not use it, there was too much missing for me.
And here I am today, just recently started to daily drive it. There are many gaps that you managed to fill in.
All of you working on it did a great job, AFAIC.

@dos I'm sure #darktable could have corrected that white balance (not that it actually matters)

Oh and congratulations on having a booting device.

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