After finally attempting to rescue my long broken devkit, I ended up with it booting into this Feb 2020 image. It already somewhat resembles the current thing, but gosh, we sure have made a lot of progress since then! 😁

Excuse the white balance being all over the place, this was *not* shotonlibrem5 ;)

@dos I got my #Librem5 last year, somewhere in the spring I think, and after trying it out, I just could not use it, there was too much missing for me.
And here I am today, just recently started to daily drive it. There are many gaps that you managed to fill in.
All of you working on it did a great job, AFAIC.

@dos I'm sure #darktable could have corrected that white balance (not that it actually matters)

Oh and congratulations on having a booting device.

@dos Ever since receiving my Librem 5, I've been kind of saddened that there's no Ubuntu Touch support. Has Purism worked with the community on this?

@s31bz I have played with running UBports on L5 in the past, but back then their compositor didn't support buffer modifiers properly and the codebase they were using was way too old to be worth putting effort into. However, these days Lomiri got significantly modernized and even gets included in Debian, so it should now be just a matter of time to get UT's environment working on L5 as I believe the biggest hurdles went out of the way!

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