I'm curious why the quality of the camera stack for the #Librem5 seems so far ahead of what's currently available on the #PinePhone / #PinePhonePro... It sounds like much of the #MobileLinux camera stack is the same and yet we're seeing perfectly acceptable photos like this on one side and consistently dark, blurry, low contrast, color tinted images on the other, when a photo can be taken at all.

What app was this taken with?

@Blort Taken with the default Millipixels, then developed with darktable. This is how it looked like straight from the camera app.

See dosowisko.net/l5/photos/ for more examples and details about processing.

Librem 5 has a much better sensor than PinePhone. PinePhone Pro's one seems similar, but AFAIK its drivers aren't very mature yet. Taking photos works reliably on Librem 5 for me.

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