@dos wtf even happened there, it's like it has a corrupt font scale? I've seen that in windows before like back in the horror that was MFC but i've never seen that in QT...

@raptor85 Not sure yet, just upgraded an Arch installation and got this 😅 Some characters are simply missing. It works fine with QT_QUICK_BACKEND=software, but still broken with GL backend and llvmpipe (so it's clearly Qt's fault). Also, Qt Widgets apps are fine.

@dos don't QT widgets apps use GLES2 instead of GLX/EGL, maybe it has something to do with the GL interface version it's attempting to use and some driver oddity?


@raptor85 GLX/EGL are how you access a GL/GLES context, you can't really use one instead of another. I've tried it with softpipe and llvmpipe and it's still broken with both, so no driver oddities at play (unless it's a regression in core Mesa, but how likely is that? :P)

@dos ahh, it's been forever since I migrated to vulkan and never used gles, didn't realize it still used GLX/EGL (I've never used EGL either, I'm just aware of it being basically the "new" way :/). I just remembered something weird about the widgets apps ONLY supporting GLES when i was messing with them after the last QT creator upgrade before I got fed up with QT again and went back to just doing a UI in a pixel buffer. 1/2

@dos I have seen some weird regressions in wayland causing similar corruption issues but they were system-wide, not just QT. (Wayland does NOT like any of my video cards). It also didn't affect X11 at all.

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