@carlosgonz Not yet (except the selfie cam, which works in 10-bit since the beginning)

The selfie camera is stuttering/jumping on motion?

@carlosgonz What do you mean? I don't see any stuttering or jumping. The preview feed of the selfie cam is a bit delayed (about half a second) and has rather low FPS, but that's most likely because it's running at too high resolution at the moment - the big cam switches between low and high res modes when taking photos, while the selfie cam currently stays at the same mode.

Yeah i mean the bit delayed.. I hope you fix it the bit delayed of the selfie cam soon.
Also i hope you enable the 10bits colors on the main camera to HDR. ☺

@carlosgonz We're working on switching from current drivers coming from NXP kernel fork to the ones in mainline Linux (utilizing V4L2 media API) right now. I guess making all the resolutions and 10-bit modes work will be next on our plates :)

@carlosgonz No, what I mentioned was kernel-side stuff (work on libcamera is ongoing too, but that's the userspace side :))

Seems you have lot of work : D
Keep going ... Thank you Sebstian.

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