@nitrokey Hey NitroKey, as a #postmarketOS dev this honestly gets me a bit worried. I've seen several companies jumping on the "Linux on mobile" bandwagon without realizing what makes the PinePhone and Librem 5 so great: mainline Linux kernel support.

Please make sure that if you make a Linux-based phone, it'll either ship with mainline support or has at least work going to it to make that happen in the future!

@Utgardloki @bart @nitrokey

I'm afraid there is *no single factual information* in the following paragraph:

> PureOS also uses linux-libre. This will prevent the user from loading any proprietary firmware updates which just so happens to be almost all of them. The Librem 5 prevents the user from updating new firmware even with an alternative kernel which forces the user to use outdated and insecure firmware with known vulnerabilities.


@Utgardloki @bart @nitrokey (haven't read the updated version of the rest yet, but in the past other paragraphs weren't much better)

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