@martijnbraam Beautiful! I've been waiting for a way to change these params. I couldn't find any config file so I just assumed that these options were set at compile time. I figured thay'd be built into phosh's normal settings manager.

What's the name of the package? Is it currently in the repo?


@Lofenyy @martijnbraam FYI, phosh just reads those settings the same way GNOME Shell does, so any guides on how to change these things via command line for GNOME Shell will also work for phosh.

@dos @martijnbraam Hey, I poked around a bit with gsettings and I found that setting org.gnome.shell.clock show-date to true should display the date on phosh, as it would with gnome. However, I can't do that, because that schema doesn't exist on my pinephone. I looked into manually creating it with no luck.

I think I'll just wait for this to come out.

@martijnbraam @dos Beautiful! Thank you! I was reading an old tutorial!

@martijnbraam @dos Oh man! There are sooo many useful options hidden within the schema! I cannot believe that the settings app doesn't come with these options!

@Lofenyy @dos that's why gnome-tweaks exists in the first place :P

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