Autofocus support can't get soon enough - turns out that trying to take a focused macro shot with manual focus controlled by typing values into the terminal is kinda cumbersome 😂

...but spring is here, as seen by the camera!


I know next to nothing about photography and made no manual processing, so someone with some knowledge will likely get a better photo. If you want to play with it, here's the RAW: + black frame:

(it's 8-bit 4208x3120 GRBG - and you'll probably notice autofocus phase pixels that we don't handle in any way just yet :))

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@dos Foto looks as a good starting point 🙂 Really interesting where this goes - I guess this is still without all the software optimization (which can be good if you don't want the software to optimize fotos in some cases like photogrammetry)

@dukethereal I used `dcraw -a -H 0 -q 3 -K black0.pgm kwiatek.raw` - so auto white balance, black frame subtraction and that's pretty much it.

@dukethereal With some further (but still automatic) processing with dcraw and GIMP I got this. I don't even try to actually process photos manually; there are way too many knobs to adjust. I have the same problem with tone knobs on guitar effects - I lack the imagination needed to get out of local maxima :D

@dos Good point. I think the potential in the librem 5 is that as all is open source one could easily have an app with "all automatic" which is me in 99,999 % of all cases and one app where you can actually set those knobs so that they don't change from foto to foto in case you want to do things like photogrammetry or professional fotography 😄

@dukethereal Actually I just went to play with some knobs manually out of curiosity in rawtherapee - I guess another reason I shouldn't do that is that I'd always crank the saturation up to 11 :D

@dos now it looks like out of some pc game :-D

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