I didn't want to have to go back to GitLab, but it appears as though Gitea is leaving me no choice. Unless someone has a better idea for a nice version control system that doesn't actively try to stop me from using it...

@talon "I don't have a screenreader or the motivation to test with one, just give me the expected HTML please."

@charlag @talon It's both funny and sad. Whenever Devin or someone else complains about inaccessibility, some fossbros show up to be like "Well yeah, but did you report it? I bet the developers would be happy to work with you if you did!"
And yeah. Some might be. Most though react like "Oh, so this doesn't work for you? OK, fix it yourself thx."

@Mayana @talon I mean it would be bad if we would ask maintainers to work extra on it but it's not what we are asking, is it? It is to shift priorities a bit.

You are doing oss, things for people dammit, do you not consider disabled people people?

@Mayana @talon like yeah, if takes initial work and it's not always pleasant, I know myself, but isn't it worth it?

@charlag @Mayana for example, the user/profile menu was completely inaccessible. The create repo menu was completely inaccessible. I cannot remember it ever being, so I just memorized the URI's for the most common things like /repo/create etc. Anyway, I now can't create repos anymore reliably.


@talon @charlag @Mayana wow, reading that issue. I see why building for accessibility first is important. What a mess they got themselves into!

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