Day 1 of a 7 day water fast.

I've developed some unhealthy eating patterns lately, so I need a reset. I've done a 3 day water fast before. It went surprisingly well. I liked the mental clarity that came with it and feeling reconnected with my body again. I haven't experienced real hunger in a long time - I mostly eat out of habit or being bored. I'll be working out for the first three days, taking a break after that. Time to burn some reserves. 💪💪


@Gina I wish you luck! I've been fasting for a few years now intermittently. Most I've gone is 28 days. May be a good idea to get some electrolytes in the form of taking pottassium, sodium, and magnesium. Definitely lots of head clarity and a big boost of energy will come your way. Here's a post I made with my milestone:

@Gina Also, the biggest mind over matter trick I can give you to endure is to just keep yourself busy.

@darthwayne 21 days?! Damn, that's insane.

Do you perhaps know how to best take electrolytes? Are there supplements for that?

@Gina I take some himilayan salt, potassium complex, and magnesium tablets, usually just once a day. You should be able to find these all at your local grocer.

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