@Cutls about PC app.

I have looked at TheDesk several times over the last years but get stumped every time because of a lack of English language prompts.

When will a English translation become available for the app (on Linux)?

TheDesk may be just what I need.

Thank you,

Socrates quote #6

“Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.”


Is there a web(browser) app for chat.librem.one?
I cannot find a link

My brand new home server is up and humming away nicely. This is the server software that powers too.

Choose one of hundreds of Matrix Homeservers, from specialist hobby groups to servers that focus on your region, culture or politics.

between Homeservers allows you to visit and subscribe to public rooms and contact users on any of the other federated homeservers.

Chat with me now: @clemens:matrix.barefootwarrior.org

@clemens@matrix.barefootwarrior.org 2nd try

@clemens@matrix,barefootwarrior.org let me know....


Please advise process to upgrade FREE Librem.one account to paid account?

Many thanks

@libremone a Q from a newbe:
How to upgrade from Free LibremOne to all bells and whistles without losing username and email address.


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