I’ve been giving riot a go and... it’s barely usable. Constant problems with undecryptable messages, the key verification process is cumbersome. There should be an option to TOFU or verify all. Signing out caused my iPad to lose all its keys and I had to approve from a different device. I don’t know how this is supposed to be an acceptable alternative from a usability standpoint to other offerings.

@ai6ua which version of Riot are you on? They just rolled out the emoji-based verification (on iOS, it’s been on riot-web for a while), which makes it easier.

@stephenjahl I guess I don't mind the verification of a single device; what I want is the verification of all of a user's devices (of which @qbit has a few) by verifying one device.

@ai6ua @qbit ah, yeah, multi-device thing is a pain... i feel like there needs to be a way to simply trust devices that the person i've just verified with has marked as verified.

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