I have my own Matrix home server now and I’ve moved over to bsd.network...

I've started wroting a portable version of OpenBSD's signify(1): github.com/kisom/psignify

macOS is becoming the new Windows: updates taking multiple reboots, which eats up ~30-45 minutes per pass; stability issues; etc not to mention awful hardware. It’s been quite nice being back on OpenBSD at home (and my 5 year old MacBook Air is doing okay), but stuck with this MacBook pro for work.

hephaestus$ uname -a
OpenBSD hephaestus.local 6.5 GENERIC.MP#38 amd64

Good to be back.

(This machine is a T480 with a 1T NVMe drive and 32G of memory...)

It’s now running OpenBSD; still have to work out how to get FDE working.

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We need to talk about packaging, signatures, checksums and reproducible builds:

On your system you have a keyring of packagers' GPG keys that you inherently trust.

Releases get signed with a key, which verifies the packager as the author, and supposedly lets you and your system trust their contents.

But do you really trust your packagers? How could you? Do you know them personally and monitor their packaging work?

Would you even know if they release a package with malicious content?

The problem is intermediates are often signed for ~3 years - just long enough for a lot of the engineers who set them up to have left or to be mostly forgotten because they just work. Three years comes faster than you think...

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The core problem is people mostly only think about roots and leaves; it’s not until you get bit by this that it starts to become institutional memory.

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I remember running into this at a past employer where TLS certs were core to the business. It happened on a New Year’s Day, and I spent a lot of that holiday trying to fix it.


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I've kind of had an itch to actually build the UI for my LoRa modem. Here's me demoing it with a paperclip antenna (all of ~150m range here :))

Does anyone know any good IoT Matrix rooms?

Did some backpacking this weekend; it was extremely short because it was all we could find on pretty short notice. I'll never complain about a chance to wake up in the redwoods, though.

I built my own S/MMS microblogging site and decided to write up a little about it: ai6ua.net/blog/2019/05/10/hell

Also finding out about bsd.network blocking librem.one due to drama plays into all the preconceptions I had about mastodon. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve been giving riot a go and... it’s barely usable. Constant problems with undecryptable messages, the key verification process is cumbersome. There should be an option to TOFU or verify all. Signing out caused my iPad to lose all its keys and I had to approve from a different device. I don’t know how this is supposed to be an acceptable alternative from a usability standpoint to other offerings.

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