Laptop died yesterday but thanks to the , the Baseus Dock, an HDMI Screen, a USB keyboard and 's docked mode I have access to most of the things via my phone.

helps a lot as that means I have my ssh keys available by just plugging it in.

Took me about 15min to notice that I didn't even plug a mouse in.

@agx How is the performance, BTW? I tried doing that with pinephone, and I can clearly tell there's latency between keypress and letter appearing it kgx, maybe 200msec. It happens on internal screen, too, so it is not issue with HDMI or something. VTs (ctrl-alt-f2) are okay. I suspected phosh is just resource intensive?

@pavel phosh or rather phoc is pretty lightweight in that regard. I'd try a terminal like foot on the PP.

On the Librem5 the issue is that we don't use the advanced features of the external display controller (DCSS) like texture comression (which is a driver limitation in the kernel / mesa) so memory bandwidth becomes tight when driving both displays and hence things can become laggy.

@agx Thanks for pointer. Yes, kgx was the problem, and with mate-terminal, things are much more usable.
@ljs @agx Sounds like a) you are gaming on 32-bit machine, really? and b) those really don't look like valid pointers. (not cacheline aligned)?

@agx Is this the dock your are using?
I have been trying to find one that works as a base to mount the phone in like this for some time.

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