I ever so often close the 🎵- player and when grabbing the 📱 I'd have to unlock it to just start the 🎵 player and then 🔒 the 📱 right away again (as there's controls on the 🔒-screen then anyway).

Hence I wrote a small plugin to add arbitrary "launchers" to the 🔒-screen via a desktop file.
This is very simplistic atm (as we e.g. don't track app-state) but gets the job done initially.

I only used it for that purpose but there's other potential use cases:

@agx So you ask me what's the advantage of running a true free and open source operating system/stack?

Everything! It is really amazing to see how we can make the device work exactly like what we want with just a little amount of coding.

Really disappointing to see how people have started to accept closed source with a few predefined toggles as "freedom".

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