After lots of cleanup over the past releases I'm inclined to switch 's main branch to track git rather than the latest stable version as I can then catch up with new wlroots features faster. Stable releases would then be cut from a wlroots-0.xy branch tracking the stable wlroots version. Good idea?

If you're using that and want to run phosh against it make sure to pick up phosh's main branch. For phog use

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@agx I think that various downstream concerns with wlroots stable/git would be improved if the downstreams volunteered to help with wlroots release management. Chat with Simon about that?

@drewdevault Getting more involved with wlroots development again was one of the ideas behind this.

@agx right, but specifically with the angle of aligning release timings with the needs of downstreams.

@agx Whatever makes development easier/the smoothest is likely the best option

@awai Having a phosh and phoc version that runs against latest wlroots (or latest set of libraries in particular) certainly makes things a lot easier (and helps us to e.g. transition away from deprecated protocols and APIs sooner, etc). We accumulated quiet a bit of cruft since not doing that anymore (which is mostly cleaned up now but I don't want to do it again 😄 )

@agx sounds like a good idea to me dono about package managers tho :patcat:

@arunmani for Debian I'd put phoc / wlroots git snapshots into experimental. Distros would likely ship phoc versions based on stable wlroots anyway. We can then work from there with wlroots upstream on releases hopefully sharing some of the load.

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