Thanks! Soon @postmarketOS running on #Qualcomm #SDM845 such as the Oneplus 6, @shiftphones SHIFT 6mq, etc. will have #notification #LED working in #Phosh !

@dylanvanassche @postmarketOS @shiftphones Fairphone 2 also 😉 And if I get around to adding pmi632 support for the lpg driver then FP3 too

@agx Great! It'd be handy to have a new tag for too, which would include PinePhone Pro themes. I tried to create an issue for this, but my account creation is still pending admin approval.


Send an email to: with the username that you tried to register so we can have a look into that.


@tom feedbackd-device-themes tagged too now: - I've also added a NEWS file so things become more obvious for distributions.

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