Instead of I'm using a test client to hack on 's gesture support. The red bar basically maps to phosh's top-panel. Red meaning `folded`, green `moving` and blue `unfolded`. The first prereqs for this are already merged and I hope to submit more over the next weeks. Animations need more work as does cancelation, etc but it's moving forward. The way it's implemented works for other kinds of gestures too and also for mouse and laptop touchpad gestures.

...and here's the same thing using . Needs more work and polishing but just to give an idea. It works pretty well with thumb only too but that's hard to record.

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With the groundwork for gestures coming to I wanted to see if we can reuse the animation code needed for that in other places like 's tiling window placement.

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@agx Well done, its looking super smooth, curious how the refactor of drawer and overview would look in this context, would it show more favourite icons in the drawer or would it keep the same 4 favourites and show the icons of the apps running in the overview so that information isn't lost switching from large to small screen.

@agx what could be neat is to have icons in the drawer to switch between different tiled display modes if displaying icons for running or recent applications is off the table. Clicking a button would be much faster than manually adjusting 4-8 adaptive apps. Lots of ways to approach it. :P


@oilipheist We have plenty of ideas - it's coding hands & minds that we're lacking 😎
If you want to hack on tiling irmprovements 's repo has some issues already

With the current cleanups coming in this should even be fun to implement.

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