Spent the morning looking how much work the move of to / will be and it turned out better than expected.

Needed to stub out some dependencies (libcall-ui, gcr, libgnome-desktop) and hack back support for custom wayland surfaces into but with that things start to work and we can go widget by widget:

@agx is this with the old custom surfaces code patched back in or with the new one from GTK MR!2992 ?

@Alexmitter That doesn't make too much of a difference atm since both ways need additional stuff on top. Having 2992 merged would certainly help to get that into a mainlineable state though.

@agx it seems there is a bit of progress with a part of it under review in a separate MR, but that could take ages too.

@agx will a move to GTK4 bring swipeable top and bottom bars to Phosh?

@dubstar_04 That is unrelated. Would be nice if we'd get it that easily. Some of my work is somewhat related to that though.

@agx my apologies. I thought that the swiping wasn't currently possible with GTK3 but a move to GTK4 will make it possible. I didn't mean to suggest that it would magically start working. 🤣

@dubstar_04 Just for context: It's possible with GTK3 too. It's really more a / interaction thing.

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