's CI pipeline can now take screenshots of some parts of the shell in different languages and link to these as parts of a merge request. This hopefully helps translators, designers and develpers to figure out more easily how things look in different languages:

@agx Nice! That's a feature I wanted for apps to test a11y and themes and to keep their AppStream screenshots up-to-date. :)


@KekunPlazas Wonder if we can repurpose this. I currently do this in process so i can peek at phosh internals but running a separate app looks doable too. Getting the locales into place could be fiddly but maybe we can grab the flatpak artifact and run and screenshot that under different locales?

@agx I think the main hindrance is that each and every app would need to develop a demonstration mode, presenting several views filled with phony data.

@KekunPlazas Not necessarily since you can navigate the app via the virual keyboard and fill in that data in the tests.

@KekunPlazas @agx that can be fine _if_ that can also be used as appdata screenshots - with data, localized, for different form factors. That's unmanageable manually, but if you automate it...

@exalm @agx Ultimately that could put us above the competition here. By competition I mean Android, macOS, Windows… 🙂

@exalm @KekunPlazas gitlab.gnome.org/World/Phosh/p launches an app already and screenshots. that could easily be a flatpak as well. We'd need to make this screenshot the window only and then navigate via virtual keyboard/mouse. We can also drive different resolutions for mobile and laptop layouts if needed.

@KekunPlazas @agx correction: looks like what I was thinking about is a third party thing, not a built-in one. My bad, should have re-checked.

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