µPlayer 's now includes all the needed bits to play accelerated video on the out of the box. This allows for fast 📼 on distros that don't ship or git.

More details at social.librem.one/@agx/1063928

Wow it nice. I tried yesteday compiling the livi package by using my Librem5 but i canceled the build because too much time of build. : ( do you have plans to share Livi on flathub.org? Or something easy to install it ?

@carlosgonz I dumped a flatpak here: honk.sigxcpu.org/tmp/org.sigxc - note that this is not meant as a generic player but more as a testing tool - hence flathub might not make sense.

Thank you Guido i installed as well and tested uplayer it work beautiful and super smooth. : )

@carlosgonz yeah, it's pretty smooth and even more important to me: i can watch video continuously without thermal throttling kicking in or draining the battery too fast.


What happen if you add: v4l2slh265dec to livi to decode h.265 ? i think that hantroG2 it already on Librem 5 Linux kernel. I just saying... : )


@carlosgonz While V4L2_PIX_FMT_HEVC_SLICE is in the kernel for hantro2 there's no h265/hevc support in gstramer yet for that or where do you see that? Can you link to it?

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