I don't understand how are allowed. We're slowly figuring out that converting more & more of the Earth's resources into toxic garbage, with maybe a few minutes of utility in the middle of the lifespan, is a bad idea & increasingly European countries are beginning to ban food containers and cutlery. So why are little plastic cannisters of nicotine-laced solution that can poison wildlife with an internal battery allowed to be used a few times & thrown away?

I'm pretty sure the majority of them are not disposed of safely in battery recycling, and even that's imperfect because it does nothing for the other materials and isn't 100% efficient even for batteries.

For that matter we have now, why are we still selling products require single use batteries or even developing new ones like the disposable phone chargers I've seen for sale in newsagents at train stations?

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@afewbugs Totally agree.
I quit smoking early this year, replacing it in favour of vaping. It's honestly so much cheaper, and healthier (degree of health is variable), but these things have sprung up everywhere.

I will always prefer using my own vape, because it's reusable, refillable, reconfigurable, and I like the style. Once it dies, it goes in the tech box to recycle.

These just seem horribly inefficient and like you say, wasteful beyond belief.

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