@IzzyOnDroid @storchp @codeberg @mondstern hey codeberg, do you support custom domains for pages?

@af @IzzyOnDroid @storchp @mondstern @ashimokawa this comes up frequently, we should add a faq:)

No, we are not a registrar ;)

That said, you can set up a redirect, alias or cname at your registrar, also there are dedicated redirect service providers. Long story short: custom domains are well possible, setup is however on the other side.

Hope that helps!

@codeberg @IzzyOnDroid @storchp @mondstern I don't understand why you have to be or not the registrar. GitHub and gitlab provide ability to hookup own domain (not bought through them) can this be done with codeberg?

@af @IzzyOnDroid @storchp @mondstern @ashimokawa it is a plain DNS thing: enter in your registrar's URI record (sometimes called URL record) your pages URL.

For background and an example, you can start your recherche on

@codeberg @IzzyOnDroid @storchp @mondstern Sorry to bother again. But I think in order for this to work, pages must get a subdomain (not path), see

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