We promised to publish the hardware schematics when the shipped and we delivered: Hardware Schematics and X-ray Scans for Librem 5 Birch

@purism Where is editable the source for the schematics?

Hi. Congratulations on your efforts and your persistance to bring as a libre phone.

I want to ask if the chassis will also have libre design so the community would be able to 3d print it and modify it .

@chomwitt yes we will definitely be sharing the chassis and case designs for the community. Most likely around the Evergreen batch as that's when most people will have their Librem 5. I'm excited to see the interesting cases people create 😀 cheers, Sean

Happy to hear that.
Again best wishes to succeed in pushing forward a long awaited alternative.

@purism @chomwitt I would be very interested in seeing that too! 😄 It is quite nice to see how open you are about the development process. I know that many of us know how frustrating it was to blindly trust companies while we had no authentic way to verify it. I truly appreciate that ethical companies, like yourselves, are doing something to change that. 👏 🏆

Which design software did you used ?
Why did you only released pdfs ?
Why the pdfs are generated on a windows machine ?

#purism #librem5

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