"Most people want to opt-in to what they want to follow, be that a news feed, a celebrity, a friend, or family. Most people do not want to be force-fed a constant stream of manipulated content to catch and keep their attention."

@purism Interesting, I see where their coming from now. Which leads me to two thoughts:

So they think by opting out of discovery they can opt out of curation, and just be a communication platform. Might be reasonable, but the other admins will need to figure out how to handle it - say by filtering out of the public timelines.

But on the otherhand I do think that if you offer discovery you do need to curate, otherwise it's useless at best.


I'm opting OUT of buying products from companies that take free software projects, rebrand them as their own and then charge money for them without giving credit to the original creators.

I suggest you do too.

@Blort @purism lol you do realise their blog post addresses that right? This initial push, while it does indeed feel hasty and all of the forks just have logos replaced with no reference to the originals, will be rectified most likely when the backer goal is reached and full development begins on the suite. Librem have so far have never breached any GPL licences in the many years they've operated, and no one is forcing you to use their forks, it's geared towards new users who want a unified ecosystem of FOSS tools and they'll make sure everything gets upstreamed back, as the license sets out. Finally, the apps will always be free but the convenience one would get from purchasing their services exist so again, you're free to self host or use other instances of email, mastodon and matrix.

@Blort @purism They charge money for the service. You can use your own clients to connect to their servers.

No problem here for me.

@purism The thing I love the most about this is how closely the Smilodon fork has been designed to mimic real in-person interactions--you don't have a "timeline," you talk to people that you know, they mention things other people told them, you go talk to those people,'s all very organic.

The thing I don't like (or that remains to be seen) is how I can't interact in groups with people. The Fediverse essentially uses local servers/timelines for this purpose. But if I want to talk...(1)

@purism ...about carrots, I want to go to a "carrot" server, or a carrot group. I want to talk about carrots with people who I wouldn't otherwise talk to unless they were talking about carrots, and I don't care to hear from unless they're talking about carrots. And the same is true for those who follow me: they may like some of my content, but not the carrot posts. So to me, there needs to be a better way to discover, participate in, and isolate discussions of interest than hashtags. (2, end)

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