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My Heart Grows Fonder is out now! Available on Windows, Linux and Mac on Steam and

The Android version isn't available yet, but will be on

I'll also be contacting JAST and MangaGamer about selling MHGF in the near future, but for now it's only on Steam and Itch.

I'm pushing back the release date for My Heart Grows Fonder by 2 weeks.

As it turns out, the original release date (Oct 31st) is Halloween. Who knew?

Releasing right in the middle of a holiday sale period seems like a bad idea, so mid November it is.

You know those "all characters are over 18" disclaimers?

My Heart Grows Fonder just failed Steam's review process, and one of the changes they want made is for that disclaimer to be added.

I always wondered who actually cared about those disclaimers.

I find it weird that MHGF, a game where the main characters are working adults who dated in college, needs that kind of disclaimer, while many games in school settings don't.

But hey, if a disclaimer is what they want, that's easy enough to add.

The trailer for My Heart Grows Fonder is now up.

Development is going well. Music, artwork and writing are all close to completion.

As long as there are no problems with the approval process on Steam, we should be on track for the October 31st release.

The game will be available on Steam and, possibly Jast and MangaGamer.

The 18+ patch will be available as free DLC on Steam, and pre-applied everywhere else.

It's that time of year again, folks. The Summer sales are now live, and many games, including mine, are now on sale.

Sable's Grimoire: 25% off
Tomboys Need Love Too: 35% off
Sickness: 75% off

I finally got around to updating my website. It should work much better on mobile devices in particular. Hopefully I haven't broken anything too badly.

I may end up using it for blog posts instead of just as a portfolio, but we'll see.

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