's Constitutional Court Upholds Law Equating To : "The communist regime, like the regime, inflicted irreparable damages to because during its existence, it had total control over society and politically motivated persecutions and repressions, violated its international obligations, and its own constitutions and laws".

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"The Russian Orthodox Church was always an arm of the state. But after the collapse of communism it grew greedy fingers of its own and factually became the state corporation RosBog (GodofRussia), argues our columnist Mark Galeotti."

... Roughly the same thing as happens to the rainmaker when the climatologist turns up, or to the diviner from the heavens when schoolteachers get hold of elementary telescopes.", - God Is Not Greate, Christopher Hitchens.

"A modern believer can say and even believe that his faith is quite compatible with science and medicine, but the awkward fact will always be that both things have a tendency to break religion's monopoly, and have often been fiercely resisted for that reason. What happens to the faith healer and the shaman when any poor citizen can see the full effect of drugs and surgeries, administered without ceremonies or mystifications? ...

"What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence", -- Christopher Hitchens (Hitchens's razor).

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