The winners to our previous contest:
Please DM us your UPX public wallet address so we may send you the funds!

The winners to our previous contest:
1) Integration ($50): @thingsofsmoke
2) Bonus ($20): @UySoftware

Out of 10,334 views of this , only 1 person participated in the $50 integration bounty. For the next giveaway, remember that people are lazy, which means, easy money!


If you require a 3rd party service to your digital transactions, you're doing it wrong. Rather, you should be using a digital currency that is by default.

Only ONE person has integrated $UPX onto their Shopify store since this post. Your odds of winning right now if you integrate would be 1/2!

Winners will be declared 2/18/2020
We will DM you for your $UPX address.
You do not need a Shopify store to participate in the BONUS.

#1) Integration
To enter:
✨Implement $UPX Payments into your via @crypto_checkout
✨Tweet your link and tag @uPlexaCoin


#2) BONUS: 20$ Giveaway
To Enter:
✨Follow @uPlexaCoin
✨Retweet + Tag 2 friends

RT: Just ordered a @uPlexaCoin hoodie. My partner loves me at least 50% more now.

🔥 The MERCH is now LIVE!
Featuring our IOT Series, Clothing, and stickers!

Save 5% by using $UPX as your payment method!

How fast does your IoT device hash? Feel free to contribute your IoT device hashrates to our Hardware Hashrate Database:

Some of our users want to HODL UPX, some wish to use UPX for the dVPN, some wish to STAKE UPX, others just want to ! By accepting $UPX payments on your , you're pretty much getting advertising! Implement UPX and TAG @uPlexaCoin for a RESHARE of your website!

Our community is compiling a list of hashrates for various devices over at our Knowledgebase. All are allowed to contribute to the database!

Check it out here!

On top of apparel and stickers, we will be launching our UPXIOT Series on our upcoming merch store. Some devices will be manufactured by @origaudio. Also still putting plans together for the privacy phone. Check these bumpin' BT speakers we'll be offering: Stario, StarioMini

With all of our eCommerce integrations ( we were missing the most important platform, .

Soon, you'll be able to accept $UPX payments on your Shopify store thanks to a new partnership with an incredible payment processor 👍

Shopify bounty soon!

It's OFFICIAL, we will be on another Exchange after SS goes live. We are also trying to get on an "instant swap" service so future users will be able to get in/out of $UPX quickly, allowing users to mine or purchase UPX to obtain quick and affordable access to the

Winner of the Twitter android contest for $25 USD in UPX was @serginieto7
273,250 UPX sent!

More contests coming soon, stay tuned!!!

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