I watched the Distrotube bluray video, I think it's fair to say this is some of the worst data archival advice I have ever heard and it's going to get someone burned in the future, expect to see a response some time soon #Linux

@BrodieOnLinux One option for off-site backup is to find a friend you trust and make an arrangement with them to be the off-site backup for each others data. Does not need to be anything expensive, a raspberry pi with a large external hard drive would do the trick or you could go with a more expensive NAS that has redundancy.

@tuxfoo You have to do it manually but you can do something like that with FreeNAS apparently

@BrodieOnLinux Could be automated with cron and rsync, provided that at least one person has a static IP or dynamic DNS. The important thing would be to make arrangement with the friend for which times are appropriate to schedule backups.

@tuxfoo I mean there's not a share your data system built into FreeNAS automating it wouldn't be that hard


@BrodieOnLinux I have not tried FreeNAS but I thinkk OMV has something like that built in too.

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