After spending the whole day, in addition to waiting a week for Oneplus to send me the token to unlock the phone, I am happy to report that I successfully installed Ubuntu Touch on the oneplus 6T. Expect a video soon
#linux #opensource #oneplus #technology


@geotechland Nice, have not tried Ubuntu touch for about a year. Was going to check out the improvements a few weeks ago but unfortunately my Nexus 5 decided to stop working. Might try to fix it at some point.

The main problem I had with ubuntu touch when I tried it, was that most the app's that I use were webapps that required you to always be online.

@tuxfoo How long ago was that?

I think most apps are still webapps except for the most essential apps.

But then again, most apps in general require an internet connection.

@geotechland It was about 11 months ago. The apps that I use the most on LineageOS are all the nextcloud ones which were just webapp's on Ubuntu touch last time I tried it. I tend to avoid app's that always require an internet connection to use.

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