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To #degoogleyourself, it's not enough to stop using Google. You also need to stop using Google Push notifications. Check out how we liberated our #androidapp from Google!

"Every user should be able to choose a "Notification Provider" for every app"

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Years ago, God showed me how to respond to someone in my life who was in great confusion and turmoil. He said to treat her like a TORNADO.

I could stand there and talk to her -- but I was also to respect that she was dangerously unstable in all her ways. Her mind was deceived.

I could love her, go to lunch with her, be her church friend -- but to always keep a SAFE DISTANCE -- just as you would with a whirlwind.

KEEP THAT IN MIND WHEN DEALING WITH BRAIN WASHED LIBERALS -- who don't have the capacity to hear, see, listen, understand the truth. The media and Democratic Party are practicing SOCIAL BRAIN WASHING on a mass scale through FAKE NEWS -- FALSE MESSAGES.

And Millions of Folks are falling for it -- and have been for years.

I just do not understand how Christian people cannot SEE or comprehend the LEVEL OF CORRUPTION that is going on at the highest levels of public office.

It is blatant. It is published in the NY Post this week. Epstein was exposed in Miami newspapers 10 years ago, along with his close ties to Clinton. SCANDALS HAVE BEEN BURIED FOR YEARS.

But now the corruption has gotten so bad, it is causing instability in our country. That is what started the Tea Party Movement and the Sarah Palin campaign.

I could care less what two men / women do in their bedroom. But don't shove YOUR lifestyle onto CHILDREN who are INNOCENT.

I don't agree with abortion -- don't use MY tax money to fund murder for profit and selling of baby body parts for food additives & burning as medical waste for fuel.

I could care less if someone is Muslim or Mormon or German or Hispanic or Asian -- I do care if they are NON-CITIZEN and not working -- and supported by tax dollars. I DO CARE IF THEY TEACH THEIR KIDS TO KILL ME.

So pardon me if I sound extreme if I don't want a Muslim Day Care in the United States teaching children to behead anyone not Muslim.

Or Minorities being taught that Whites all hate them -- frankly I am too busy with my own life to hate you. FORGET WHAT COLOR YOU ARE -- focus on your family, your education, travel, a picnic. Live!! GET A LIFE.

if you live in an inner city -- save money up for a bus ticket -- and move to a safer city that has good job growth -- GET OUT. Use Student Loan or Job Training Programs to GET to a SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD.

No one is forcing minorities to remain in all one color communities. NO ONE. No one is forcing them to live in poverty. NO ONE. I grew up poor. it was, quite frankly, difficult for me to transition to above lower middle class -- because I didn't KNOW

I went to college but got a useless Business degree. When I went back LATER and got REAL JOB TRAINING -- I doubled my income. Yeah I support TRADE SCHOOLS -- you're better off.

Go to church. Learn about Jesus by reading The Bible. Quit drinking and doing drugs. Get celibate outside of marriage. I promise you it is LIBERATING. It is what I did and so worth it.


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Mark Meadows

Democrats said impeachment was “urgent,” and then sat on their own articles for 4 weeks

They insisted it was “somber,” and then handed out commemorative pens and posed for pictures

The hypocrisy is overwhelming

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Federal Court Finds California Magazine Ban Violates the Second Amendment
In one of the strongest judicial statements in favor of the Second Amendment to date, Judge Roger T. Benitez of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California determined on Friday that California’s ban on commonly possessed firearm magazines violates the Second Amendment.

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Repentance is not when you cry.
Repentance is when you change.
Empty yourself and be filled with God.

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