@Trev If you haven't get your resume on all the job sites, dice.com, indeed.com, monster.com, careerbuilder, IBM has their own career site, system76 is looking for a front end dev I believe, gitlab hires a lot of remote workers, ...Linkedin works well if you take it serious and network your booty off.
my 2cents

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I hear lots of folks saying they'd abandon Intel for ARM if someone would make a device which supported workstation loads and could take more memory.

Well, now you can consider it. Check out this amazing build!

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Poll for people who subscribe to stuff on Patreon: what motivates you to sign up? I know surveys/studies exist, but I want to get a feel for how people on the fediverse think.

Boosts appreciated.

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New Mac Pro... $6k for PC, $6k for monitor, Stand for monitor $1k...rofl😂
If I have ever needed evidence it's a cult...lol

I think FOSS folks on the internet seem to really hate anything with a corporate entity behind it. Some of the idealists don't understand that most of the cool toys they play with wouldn't exist without corporate money supporting them.

Cmus in a drop down terminal makes a nice music player.

Watched the documentary "Finding Joseph". Bad Brains were my favourite band when I was in high school. Sad to see how things turned out for HR... and now I am listening to "I against I".

I really wish the governments of the world would worry more about the damage 5g can do to their people instead of how fast they can roll it out.

Built my first Flatpak today. Now I have @elementary 's Quilter app running on Pop!_OS. It's my favorite writing app.

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Looking at throwing Gnome back on my main machine.. need to decide on ..

Thinking about maybe giving clear Linux a go...

Looking at throwing Gnome back on my main machine.. need to decide on ..

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