Well, guess we’ll see if this works out. Twitter is breaking the stuff that made it actually useful.

@thegrugq Hopefully you'll enjoy the freedom of free/libre software then! If whatever Fediverse software you're using now is changing the things you like about it, you can just use a different instance/set up your own.
@thegrugq Also, out of curiosity, can I ask what stuff you're talking about that Twitter is breaking?

@tyil the stupid redesign that means I see “conversations” from people I follow, but it’s them and some random talking about nothing that interests me. I can’t find any security tweets in my TL, no tools, exploits, blog posts. Nothing. What is the point of being on Twitter if they don’t do the only thing that it is good at?

@thegrugq I personally find Twitter to be unsuitable for conversation, as you have a very low limit of characters to use. Then again, I don't think Twitter is any good anyway, all it has is a large user base, but that's it.

I hope you'll have more joy in the Fediverse!

@tyil I see it as a news feed. And they went from being a good news feed to being a slurry pit of random stuff that has nothing to do with my interests. I’m pretty sure after analyzing my data for the last 8 yrs they know I follow infosec ppl.

@thegrugq I can see how "old Twitter" could've worked fine as a news feed (though I'd still argue RSS is better for this). I'm unaware of a redesign, as I don't use Twitter (I think I do have an account, though). I use the Fediverse mostly to just engage in discussion, I'm not sure if (and how common) people use it as just a news feed. Due to the 5k character limit I have on this instance it feels very usable for discussion. I think Pleroma based instances fit more if you want the generic "Twitter" timeline look and feel, if the UI is an important aspect for you.
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