As some of you are aware, I contemplated switching to a static site yesterday. That thought has been slung from the window at a rapid rate. Here's my completely unqualified rant:

Thank you to everyone who took the time to send me their thoughts and suggestions.


@gray Good read :) I went over to Hugo, but in my case chose to cut out the Git stuff and complexity. Instead I'm syncing the whole content folder to my various workstations and phone with Resilio Sync. For my needs, it keeps a 30 day history of file changes, if I make a mistake, and I set up a dirty cron job that just runs the hugo build task on the VPS twice a day. So I update a content post on my phone, it syncs up, and a few hours later posts live.


@gray Before that, I had researched the same rabbit hole of Git repos, CI/CD Deployment, Forestry and all that complexity, but it was way more than what I needed or wanted. So now it uses the process I described, on my VPS with my existing Nginx reverse proxy sitting infront of it.

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