Was the 1842 Mines and Colliers Act a good idea?

What type of Nationalist are you?

What type of Nationalist are you?

A federal appeals court Tuesday ​​​​ordered the federal sale of oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico to be held within 37 days, rejecting environmentalists' arguments the project endangering a rare whale species.


I would do all this to a human at this poiny
Kind of like how calling everyone a nazi leads to more nazis
Vegan hysterics only rly create more carnivores

RT: https://gleasonator.com/objects/c99ebd40-3119-40ba-b45f-ccbd4d7005f7

Is Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood better than the first?

Moody's Slashes US Outlook to 'Negative' Citing Too Much Government Spending


Billionaire investor Ken Griffin, the founder of hedge fund Citadel, recently warned that higher baseline inflation could persist for decades, with negative implications for the cost of interest payments on the massive—and growing—pile of government debt.

NYT - "All The News That's Fit To Fake" Claims RFK takes ‘substantial votes’ from Trump. It's BS!!

We know Joe is demented and has dementia. So, Bernie Bros and some leftist will vote for RFK. However, Trump's base is strong. Christians and real conservatives will never vote for a climate change/gun control/abortions advocate like RFK. All of his other policies are far-left, including higher taxes and more government control. He's nothing more than Joe Biden in a Bernie mask. #Trump2024 #MAGA

It's been awhile but couldn't I'm back. What's new?

Vol. 1 - Compilation of Sea Shanties & Folk Music - (Vocal-Only & with Instruments)

How much do you pay for electricity each month on average?

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