F# changes your mindset. I typed .. ls instead of ls .. into bash. This might work if I could type .. |> ls

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I'm about to release a new, highly broken alpha for #Tootle 2.0, the native Mastodon client for Linux :toot:

In 2.0 you can expect:

- Improved UI and UX. Thanks to #GTK 4 and Libadwaita, you can expect a massive responsiveness boost!

- New sidebar layout. Now all your accounts and quick links can be found in a separate view.

- Initial Pleroma support (but don't expect full compatibility yet!)

- Improved credential store

- Improved in-memory caching

- 100% more bugs!

"Don Teaches Guido F#  -  Don Syme   Guido van Rossum  

12:00 (PT) | 19:00 (UTC)

Tune in for a fun, interactive, and fascinating session with two programming language creators. Guido van Rossum, creator of Python, learns F# from scratch from the creator of F#, Don Syme!" focus.dotnetconf.net/agenda?ut

I am now understanding why people were so excited about FiraCode fonts. Engineers like pretty things to look at too.

I am finally going to buckle down and utilize the keyboard mouse functionality on my ergodox ez. No more mouse.

Does anyone have AT&T Prepaid data working on Mobian Pinephone? Can you tell me how you got it to work? All signs for me point to Pinephone not being an approved device. Am I wrong?

Vim record to the typing repetition rescue.

I think I finally got the hang of this convergence thing. I am loving it. Setting up my Python environment on debian edition now.

My favorite apps on Mobian are Podcasts, Lollypop and Telegram. Telegram is the highest quality app I have used so far.

As a vi/vim user, ironically, every time I am fooled into using nano I have to search and be confused by how to exit/save a file with nano.

Developing with Python/GTK/Flatpak/Mobian is the nicest mobile developer experience I have experienced.

I finally had the resources to figure out flatpak enough to move forward. Now I am abusing Python private underbar functions like a pirate. Love that Python treats me like an adult.

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Little present for the holidays, the very first #postmarketOSpodcast! 🎙️🎁😁


Let us know what you think, and send us questions and feedback with the same hashtag. Enjoy!

Precompiling Mono is heating my office.

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Librem 5 Mass Production Phone Has Begun Shipping

"Shipping the Librem 5 has been an immense multi-year developmental effort. It is the culmination of people’s desire to see an alternative to Android and iOS..."


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I added pampy (pypi.org/project/pampy/0.3.0/) and FSlash (pypi.org/project/FSlash/) to my project. This should add some functional programming goodness to my python code.

This is an excellent example application using libhandy version 1. I think it is great for new mobile GTK developers like me: source.puri.sm/Librem5/example

I spent some of the weekend going over the libhandy, purism documentation and sample applications. I am learning more about meson, ninja and flatpak to build and package Gtk apps. I like the documentation structure. I am currently trying to upgrade my modified two-leaf sample app to libhandy 1.

The application I am writing for Mobian/Purism devices will of course be written in some combination of and/or python.

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