Strike one down and ten pop up. Censor one, and people will use another. Information demands to be free.

This whole move back towards peer-to-peer, federated, and encrypted services reminds me of the '90s. And I love it. Hack the planet.

Future Bitcoin trillionaires will have their choice of industry. We can literally build anything we want & I hope we build systems that protect the Earth, children, animals & human freedom.

Conscious innovation is at our fingertips.

Cruelty is an old ideology that has no place in our future.

@jb55 @Seccour We’re going to see a lot of communists push for the banning of Bitcoin as the price rises. Bitcoin is fundamentally at odds with their principles.

@btcbraj @benthecarman Does that include Pedro MacCormack the guy with mis-aligned politics?

@parkeralewis @Brittkelly I don't think Ulbricht gets pardoned. I'm hopeful for the other two.

RT @benthecarman
One of the most beautiful things about #Bitcoin is that the commies will buy it last i work harder here than birdsite honestly. Next level shit here.

@slimhodl Of course, they should be using the bitcoin only firmware 😉

@slimhodl Trezor for noobs. Model T all the way. I love ColdCard, but for non-tech people it's daunting.

AP "News"... "and he has complained about ALLEGED CENSORSHIP of conservatives on social media" - is there ANY "news" outlet that isn't propoganda? Any? I don't believe a word of anything posted anymore from anywhere. Guess they have me right where they want me?

@Clashicly @tracyspacy @verretor

Instead of installing it on a bare metal - set up Proxmox which you can then use to spin up containers or VMs. It's a great Linux distribution for virtualization.

Mine is 8 cores + 16GiB RAM for now, I can scale up later if needed. how to incentivize people already being paid to lie?

"Video shows Wuhan lab scientists admit to being bitten by bats"

"A video released two years before the start of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic shows Wuhan Insitute of Virology (WIV) scientists being cavalier toward protective equipment and being bitten by bats that carry deadly viruses such as SARS, demonstrating a lax safety culture in the lab."


So what are we calling these new forks of Covid-19? Covid Cash? Covid Brexit Vision?

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