Help save the Internet, do not use Chrome!

An official report for the Dutch government concluded:

“(Microsoft Office) systematically collects data on a large scale ... covertly, without informing people. … Microsoft does not offer any choice with regard to the amount of data, or possibility to switch off the collection.”

Don't use Microsoft Office, use LibreOffice instead 👍

It's free, open and you can get it here:

You can follow them on here:


#MicrosoftOffice #Alternatives #LibreOffice

There's a very sophisticated phishing attempt going on for Tutanota users (see screenshots). Please make sure to always use the correct domain when you login to your secure mailbox: Here are some tips on how to prevent phishing:

Got my @e_mydata phone with /e/ is in the mail today! Unpack to see it, booted it up real quick, but had to put it aside as I was at work. Looks very nice for a refurbished phone! Going to set up up tonight 😊

Just watched #TheGreatHack on #Netflix. What I appreciated about this #documentary on #Facebook and the whole #CambridgeAnalytica scandal, is that it's one of the few #privacy #documentaries to get that protecting personal data isn't just about not seeing personalized ads for stuff you're more likely to want. It's about protecting ourselves from mass psychological manipulation and behavior modification techniques. These are techniques that actually work *best* when people believe they don't.

[Dutch news]
'Facebook-boete verlaagd omdat waakhond juridische strijd niet aandurfde'
This news gives my chills: FB is so big, that the government doesn't want to charge on the fine. Due the fear of a legal battle...
I'm still deciding on scrapping my accounts on FB, Google & Insta: loads of people I know are still on there (with no chance of convincing them to leave). An extra reason to leave..

I just posted a detailed review of my new /e/Phone.

I was a supporter from the start, back when it was called eelo, when it was just a guy named @gael, a blog post, and a sketchy-looking Kickstarter.

18 months later, they've built a solid, privacy-focused, Google-less Android running on 80+ phones, a consumer-friendly environment, a bucketful of default apps, their own App Store, a Personal Cloud, and now they're selling phones.

I wrote a piece on the @purism blog on why consent is critical for , the tech industry's failure to get consent, and as a result how "Privacy has become the tattoo removal of the information age".

The /e/ refurbished phones ( have been launched: but until now I haven't seen any reviews yet. Still to early? As I'm interested in this system but still a bit hesitant to take the plunge... 😲

@gael : are you guys at eFoundation going to put up some reviews on the site?

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