Anybody else notices that they can’t add/follow users? For some reason I can’t follow anybody: click the icon, goes blue (+), the turns grey again (-)...

A bit off topic regarding my usual posting, but I’ve been DIY-ing for a few days to get the old leaky radiator cranes out. A few days of full chaos, tool, parts and puddles of water everywhere!
Some old parts needed a little more force then others... forces like saws and stuff...

The 3rd part of battle with G00gle & FB as independentlt publishers of their content. TheChive is independent and still ranking in a top10 list of visited site, to the annoyance of G&FB.

Help then out by visiting and supporting!

The collusion squeeze play and the Return of the Chive (10 Photos) : theCHIVE

If you are reading this and are from India, welcome. I hope you enjoy the freedom and people here. We are all very nice :)

Some interesting reading, reading government wanting some "backdoors" in encrypted chat apps. Like @Tutanota already earlier posted about; not a good idea at all!

Minister wil achterdeur in encryptie - Achtergrond - Tweakers

The Internet turned 50 today, explains the arthritis we've been seeing recently

At this age it's important to stretch and exercise ( #ActivityPub #Fediverse ), actively supplement ( #EFF #SFConservancy ) and remember to have fun ( #PepperAndCarrot )


How ironic:
- post anything on Instagram;
quite some likes/hearts

- post specific about FOSS;
a few likes/hearts

- post about Edward Snowden and privacy;
Just one (1) single like

Do people not care, or has Instagram some kind of sensorship going one....

Just finished Mr. Snowden's book: Permanent Record. Intriguing, freighting and also unbelievably good too read. The sacrifices he made and the risks taken are immense, but for the public wellbeing.
I was already reducing social media, looking into encryption and being more aware on using services on the internet. This book makes me work harder on this..
On a side note: it's ironic that I've read the book on my Amazon Kindle...

Calling out to the Mastodon community again: famous @fdroidorg Repomaker is looking for a new maintainer (and contributors). Should be familiar with F-Droid, Python, Django.

Please help keeping it alive!

Volunteers go to – others please boost, as usual 😉 Thanks!

#helpWanted #callingOut


I just learned that there are only 500 /e/Phones in the wild. I had assumed there were thousands of 'em.

That means my personal (perceived) share of responsibility to the project — to test, note and report bugs, to promote and support it, etc — just ratcheted waaay up.


Great phone. Go buy one, maybe two.

Hi @gael.

#foss #opensource #efoundation

So 3 months ago, I bought one of the first /e/Phones, a refurbished S7 Edge with a nice #ungoogled Android OS.

I figured I was among the first few hundred buyers. Now I see they are only up to #500, which means mine must be, like, #8.

People, these are good phones. The camera software sucks. That's my only real complaint; apart from that, it rocks.

How are these things not selling faster?! Support #FOSS / #OpenSource. Buy a damn phone.

Holler out to @gael, who started it all.

Quite funny Mark: blaming the others.... Warning that a Internet shaped by China is a bad idea...

[Dutch article]
Artikel op
Mark Zuckerberg waarschuwt voor door China vormgegeven internet (via @NUnl)

I want to start a thing, where Friday the 13th is a good-luck day (because as my high school geometry teacher used to say, all Fridays are Good Friday ) ... and instead, it's actually Monday the 13th that's the bad-luck day.

Among other things, it's an opportunity for a whole new horror-film franchise.

Tell your friends. Monday the 13th. It's gonna be a thing.

So, mark your calendars.

Friday, December 13th ... Good day.

Monday, January 13th ... Bad day.

Monday the 13th. It's gonna be a thing.

Help save the Internet, do not use Chrome!

There's a very sophisticated phishing attempt going on for Tutanota users (see screenshots). Please make sure to always use the correct domain when you login to your secure mailbox: Here are some tips on how to prevent phishing:

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