Remember: in 1968 NYC garbagemen struck and within a week, the city's mayor was on his knees begging for mercy. It lasted all of 8 days.

Then, two years later in Ireland, bankers went on strike for *6 months* and the economy kept on growing and history has largely forgotten it even happened.

Capitalists need you more than you need them.

I launched a new blog this week. It's stupidly fast, uses zero external JS or CSS resources, is responsive, and supports modern features many sites don’t like dark style support. But Google just emailed me saying they might deprioritize it on Google because it doesn’t use AMP.

remember how good it was when you were just allowed to pause something and have it load up a video the whole way through


According to Greek Mythology, Chiron was a half horse, half human doctor.

This made him the Centaur for Disease Control.


Yle: Tiesitkö? Facebook saa tietosi, vaikka sinulla ei ole FB-profiilia – Jatkossa nettisivun tulee kertoa, että tiedot luovutetaan somejätille

Hyvä näin. Itse olen koettanut suojautua näitä trackereitä vastaan mm. Privacy Badger -lisäosalla.

>mayor goes insane and starts killing people
>people try to report to the mayor that the mayor is killing people
dwarf fortress™

Can we please stop using this proprietary US based service for libre software projects now?

"GitHub starts blocking developers in countries facing US trade sanctions"

The year is 5019. Humans, as we know them, are long gone. The Earth is inhabited chiefly by advanced, sapient machines.

For legacy reasons, everyone's name starts with "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible;".

"take me down to concurrency city where green pretty is grass the girls the and are"

-- a programmer

Recently, Github has restricted people from Iran, Syria, and other regions from accessing their private repositories and the static website host Github Pages.

Free and ethical technology use denounces such crony nepotism oppressing individuals from practicing technological liberties and hacker culture. Please consider using as your new host for your projects. Sourcehut is 100% libre, composable, Javascript-free, and does not track you at all!

New project: Rewrite the fundamental nature of reality itself in Rust.

Love when capitalists claim that life under socialism would mean no one actually owns anything, then they turn around and create subscription services for furniture.

Facebook is embedding tracking data inside the photos you download

(submitted by meerita)

Microsoft loves open source like a tapeworm loves a healthy gut biome.

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