For anyone who doesn't understand why the Tusky change is wrong:

It may not be against the letter of free/open source software*, but it is certainly in the spirit. FOSS does not discriminate against its users and remain FOSS, including the users you don't like. The freedom to use the software as you wish is unalienable, including for gab users.

* both definitions

That, and don't add rickrolls to your project for any reason.


if free software is supportive of nazis then I don't want free software

@sir is free software defined as software that the creator has no control over what code they compile and publish because nazis want to control it instead?

@ben yes. The first freedom is the freedom to run the software as you choose. If you do not have this freedom, you do not have free software. If you add to your license "and you can't use this if you're a nazi", then the software is not free software. The Tusky change isn't that but it's certainly in the spirit of it

@sir are you saying that people who support genocide are unable to stop supporting genocide and we need to cater to them?

@ben you needn't *cater* to them but you cannot explicitly reject them

@sir you are getting very strangely angry at someone who said "I don't support people who like genocide", as if supporting genocide is something someone can never stop doing

@ben I don't see any line of reasoning in your points, just spewing "you like nazis" to try to invalidate @sir. Free software is about freedom. Blatantly blocking people you don't like or even people who say objectively false and evil things still isn't freedom.

@kyle so you're saying that the nazis have more of a right to freedom than the people developing the software?


@ben @kyle Nobody has suggested restricting the freedom of Tusky developers.

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