This is another proof that systemd is an anti-pattern for security: with its crawling and ever extending web of dependencies, it extends the surface of vulnerability to orders of magnitude, and once embraced not even large distro communities can defend you from that.

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2008 - AIM/ICQ/MSN
2023 - WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram
People don't care about privacy

Firefox for Android has no "save page" feature. Browser that can't save - it's normal?

Telegram claimed as a secure messenger, but its ordinary chats are not end-to-end encrypted, and so-called private chats accessible in non-easy way. Coincidence?

“Moore’s Law is dead … It’s completely over.” (c) Jensen Huang

RISC-V - stage #3 of the open (r)evolution: open software -> open hardware -> open architecture

Tried Zoom - have absolutely no fun about this toy. IRC is much more eco-friendly

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