The World’s Fastest Shark is in Deep Trouble | @projectaware

Only a few days left to sign the petition.

I am overfished, my flesh and fins fuel a terrible trade. I am one of the fastest top predator. The ocean needs me. I am the mako shark.

Please RT

Il ne manque qu'une poignée de signatures à cette pétition pour donner force à la protection des requins Mako, Isurus oxyrinchus.

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Installed an early alpha of MX-19 on #thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th gen, and every single key and function works OOTB!

Nice not to have to chase drivers, fix key bindings and all that tiresome stuff. Well done.

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Looking for a way to contribute to the MX and/or antiX projects?

We are looking for a translations coordinator to help our current translations team!

Details here:

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